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October 21, 2010 at 1:41 PM

Evidence shows that Executives who involve their colleagues and reports personally in their Coaching Programme are more likely to stay on track with their goals and make lasting behavioural changes. Plus Partnership’s Impact Network Programme means better performance, better value for the organisation, and a robust method of evaluating Coaching.

Traditional one-to-one Performance Coaching involves Executive Coach and client working together in a relationship that supports the client’s change path. So far so good. Factor in a 360º Feedback Programme, appropriate psychometric testing, and a good rapport between client and Coach and you have the basis of effective behavioural change. But what more could be done to evaluate the effectiveness of the Programme?

My experience shows clearly that the ongoing and personal involvement of the client’s colleagues enhances the effectiveness of a Coaching programme. One of the challenges of Coaching is - what happens inbetween Coaching sessions? In theory, these gaps allow clients to work on the Programme of change agreed with their Coach. In practice, however, pressures of work might mean the return of unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour. Moreover, some team members may not always to able or willing to challenge their Leaders if behaviours slip. In this case, even motivated clients can lose the plot. Our Impact Network Programme gives Coaching clients the kind of support that makes a difference to client, Coach and organisation.

How it works
• A client chooses up to 8 people (peers, colleagues, boss) to support them openly, not anonymously, in their Coaching. The Coach interviews these supporters face-to-face or on the phone, asking questions around strengths, Leadership style, communication and behavioural impact. It is made clear to the supporter that the comments will be fed back to the client in their name, but that they will have the opportunity to depersonalise anything particularly sensitive.
• Crucially, the Coach also asks how each supporter can make changes to their own behaviour that will make a positive difference to the client.
• The Coach feeds back the supporter’s comments to the client. If there is a ‘too sensitive’ comment, the Coach finds a way to bring this into the Coaching without compromising the supporter.
• The Coach encourages the client to meet with each supporter and agree changes both will make. This is a particularly valuable part of the process.
• Later in the Coaching Programme, the Coach interviews each supporter again and checks where changes have been made and where they feel more Coaching could be offered to the client.

In this way, clients are supported not just by their Coach but also by the people who will continue to matter to the client after Coaching has finished. The Impact Network Programme provides a rich, textural experience, not just for clients, but also for those colleagues and team members who responsibly support them. Moreover, it offers a method of evaluating Coaching that satisfies the needs of sponsors and HR professionals.

Benefits of the INP

• richer results from an individual Coaching Programme
• enhanced and more open team relationships that are challenging and supportive
• clearer communication between client and boss/peers/reports
• can be focussed on a career plan for upward mobility
• evaluation easier and focused
• effective long after the Coaching Programme has finished, so ROI improved

“I benefited enormously from this Colleague Support Programme as it was a perfect complement to my individual Coaching sessions. It created an additional support structure, available to me at any time. The initial filter of feedback via my Coach encouraged a greater degree of honesty and openness in my supporters. This eased the way for constructive and relaxed follow-up conversations between me and each of my supporters. I found these sessions encouraging and motivating, especially as we were all enriched by the experience. I know that my performance was enhanced as a result.”  HR Manager, Global Energy Company

Coach: Edwina Biucchi
©2010 Plus Partnership Ltd

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I see, I spuopse that would have to be the case.
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Haha. I woke up down today. You've cheeerd me up!
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